Things businesses should know when working with creators.

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Marketing requires a lot of thinking, questioning and research. Businesses should be ready before reaching out to a creator to work on a social media campaign.

It is great to see the rise in the need for content creators and influencers. however, there are things businesses should know before they work with Influencers on their social media campaign.

Businesses should also have a clear purpose and know who they are trying to influence.

Let’s look at the things business should know before reaching out to a creator.

Fees that are payable to the creator are always changing. Businesses should consider the scope of work, What are they asking the creators to deliver, for which platforms and on what timeline? Is the business looking for exclusivity?

These are factors that could affect the rate.

Businesses should never undermine a creator or an influencer, these factors are realistic and businesses should understand the landscape of influencer marketing before jumping into it.

2. Know who you’re trying to influence.

An effective influencer marketing strategy requires you to speak to the right people using the right tools and the right Influencer. There are many different influencers in today world.

Businesses can use tools or hire freelancers to find the right influencer for their business. The first step would be to define their audience and the platform that they are looking to execute the campaign.

3. Research is key.

Take a look at what your potential Influencer are posting. How often are they sharing sponsored content? If they are hitting followers with tons of paid posts, their engagement rate may not last.

Businesses are able to ask and look closely into the influencer’s insights on their organic, non-paid content and if they are able to keep followers interested, enthusiastic, and engaged.

Having a huge amount of followers does not equivalent to a well engaged and committed community.

Are you a business owner? Looking to get started in the influencer marketing sphere?

Do yourself a favour and do a good amount of research before jumping into it. You should also set a reasonable budget for your influencer marketing campaign.

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